About E8s

You know that team that always beats you? Wish you could take a couple of their top players off the line so that you can have a chance of winning? We can arrange that!

How it Works

Elimination 8s is an Ultimate tournament in which the teams start each game with eight players, and every time a team scores a point, they lose a player. The first team to score with only two players on the field wins!

Because the scoring team is handicapped with each point they score, blowouts are uncommon and games usually come right down to the wire. This leads to more balanced play than in normal league games or tournaments.

Your team is allowed to make substitutions between points, and gender balance is maintained at all times.

Tournament Details

E8s is held every year on or around Canada Day (July 1st) at Winona Park in South Vancouver. The exact start and end times vary from year to year depending on how many teams have registered, but let's just say it runs from "9-or-so" to "5-ish".

For 2017 the team fee for the tournament was $280 (please check the Registration page for the most accurate current team fee). All teams are guaranteed to play at least five games throughout the day (games are shorter than normal ultimate games, only going to seven points, so we can squeeze a lot in there). Field food and beverages will be on hand for the hungry and thirsty masses.

Costumes are optional, but encouraged!

Where Does the Money Go?

All the proceeds from E8s are donated to charity. 1/3 is given to a charity chosen by the winning team, 1/3 to a charity chosen by the team voted most spirited by their opponents, and 1/3 to a charity chosen by the organizers.

You can view the charities chosen in past years on our History page.

So what are you waiting for? Register now!

What If I Don't Have A Team?

On the registration page we have a "sub list" form. If you sign up on that we will attempt to match you with a team, but we can't make any guarantees! The only way to be sure you will play is through a team registration.

Can You Show Me a High-Quality Video of a Game So I Can Get a Sense of It?

No, but we can show you a low-quality video of the 2v2 championship final point from E8s 2017, taken on Rob's iPhone... it's the best you're gonna get!

Do Sumo Wrestling Matches Ever Spontaneously Break Out?

It is not beyond the realm of possibility.

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